Why I Love Charity Water


Why I Love Charity Water!

Why I Love Charity :Water ! A Leading NGO for the 21st Century

While i have been privileged to support many not for profit and charitable enterprises over they years - Amnesty, Ocean Conservancy, Pencils of Promise, etc. - Charity : Water today stands taller then all others in my heart and mind. Here is why.

Of course the work that Charity:Water does, working to provide clean water to hundreds of millions people around the world who suffer, is admirable. The fact that over 5,000 children A DAY still die from lack of clean water is a tragedy of the highest order. Along comes Charity:Water to provide new ways for people to finally have access to something you and I take for granted - clean water. Their work in Africa, Asia and south America, in over 20 countries, is exceptional.

But i love Charity Water for another reason. They represent a model for what a 21st not for profit should look like. First, they invest heavily in their Brand and content to create emotional connections with Donors. So much so, that Charity:Water was voted by marketers as the most iconic Brand at the recent "The Gathering" marketing conference in Banff. Their Brand is so powerful, they beat out other leading multinational companies such as Jeep, Beats, Gatorade, Play Station and others.

Second, they commit that 100% of all donations go directly into the field operations of clean water technology. They smartly secured separate donor funding for their business and administrative units so they do not have to get into illogical debates with some donors about overhead costs (fyi - why can't we focus on the size of the impact of an NGO, not the overhead costs).

Third, they have created an organizational culture of passion and excellence that is apparent the moment you meet someone who works for Charity : Water. Inspired leadership creates inspired staff. Thank you Scott Harrison!!

Next time you see a guy walking around with a Charity:Water t-shirt, make sure to say "Hi"; i would love to meet you :}

Better yet go to Charity:Water right now and support this awesome organization.


Mark Rubinstein