It's Never Too Late to Reinvent yourself!

"Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and die with their song still inside them" (Henry David Thoreau)

When you spend each and every day working in the Area of "Purpose", you cannot help but meet people, who are looking to transform their lives and careers from where they are today.  There is a significant level of people disengagement within so many organizations, even if a business is striving to become purpose driven.  At the core of this dynamic is this question that I hear often : How Do I find fulfillment and joy in my work each day? 

I have learned the hard way that the essence of reinvention is not that that you change from one thing to another.  Change for Change sake, rarely leads to a better result.

Instead,  and with props to James Altucher, "reinvention is when you go from doing something disconnected from your true self, to doing something closer to what aligns with the deepest part of you".   This almost always comes with having to go outside of your comfort zone, which I know is both scary and intimidating for many people.  

I believe that everyone of us has a purpose and gift, waiting to be discovered and shared.  Don't give up on yours.  It will be the most exciting form of reinvention that will truly transform your life.

Mark Rubinstein