Give A Hug, Change a Life

When I started in the business world, my first real job was with CityTV.  My Boss was a larger then life, chain smoking, hot dog eating, consumate salesman, named Dennis FitzGerald.  When I say "larger then life", I mean it both spiritually and physically.  He was a bear of a man, and in the first week of work he terrified me.  I survived the first week, but I spent the weekend thinking about how I was going to form a relationship with this guy.  Or what kind of relationship could that be.

When I came in on Monday, he left me a note that he wanted to go to lunch with me.  I was terrified. At 12.15, he walks over to my office and says "let's go".  We walk three blocks to the closest hot dog stand and he orders each of us two hot dogs and a soft drink.  We ate them in what seemed like two minutes - more like we inhaled them.

Before walking back to the office, he turned to me to tell me how proud he was of my first week with the company, and he gave me the biggest hug you could imagine.  It literally changed everything.  I walked back with the biggest smile on my face, and I was so grateful for this small act of kindness.  It has stayed with me my whole life.

When I left Citytv after 10 years, and had the privilege of running several companies, I never forgot the power of a hug.  We are all different, walking to the beat of our own music. Extroverts, Introverts, Loud, Quiet and everything in between.  I get that!

But I believe most of us crave connection with others.  There is only so much you can feel and experience by your self.

Next time we meet, lets hug it out!


Mark Rubinstein