What is Your Origin Story?

seth godin copy.jpg

Chances are if your work in the marketing, advertising, sales and related industries, you have heard of Seth Godin.  Author, Speaker, Blogger, etc. - a very smart guy.    You cannot help but laugh at Seth's own Origin Story, that you can find through his interesting Podcast - Akimbo.  Goes something like this : As a young kid, he goes out with a neighbour on a Big Lake near Buffalo, NY; the guy who owns the Boat runs out of gas in the middle of the lake, and a storm is brewing with high seas.  Seth gets sea sick repeatedly, and ends up in Cleveland, where he has to somehow find a place to stay for the night, by himself, and then figure out how to get back home to Buffalo.      Clearly an adventure that left an indelible impression on a young Seth that helped form his view on business and life for Good!

Some of the people we most admire in Business, Culture, Government and the like have fascinating Origin stories.  Think about Obama, Jobs, Schultz, Springsteen, Gates, Buffett, to name but a few - their Origin story is a defining element of how we know them.  Often, it includes an "against all odds" story of someone overcoming incredible adversity to  achieve immense success in their chosen field.  

I think Origin stories can tell you so much about people - people you might work for, work with, sell to, hire, etc.  Whether I want to work with someone, or not, often depends upon how they tell their Origin story, and the impression it leaves with me.  And vice-versa.

Next week, my Origin story!  And I would love to hear yours!




Mark Rubinstein