How Do You Fall in Love with a Stationary Bicycle?

Well Pretty easily if it’s a Peloton bike.

Five years ago a guy named John Foley, together with some other smart guys, thought they could create a better mousetrap. Even though spin studios like Soul Cycle and Flywheel were growing like mad, with people paying $30 for a single class, they saw an opportunity. Foley and his wife, who were spin enthusiasts, had started a family, and all of a sudden getting to the studio for scheduled classes had become challenging. How, Foley thought, could one create a compelling spin experience in your home?

The answer was to create a bike, live video content and enable a community that shares the magic of why people are hooked on spinning. Today, over 1 million people around the world are part of the Peloton tribe. I am one of them.

I love the following article on how someone can so easily fall in love with a Peloton :

Mark Rubinstein