Thanks for visiting  The Art of Purpose.  

I founded the Art of Purpose after 20+ years of working in the private sector in CEO and related leadership positions.  I had led public companies in the media, technology and marketing sector including CHUM, Yahoo!, Alliance Atlantis, and Insight.  I have launched two start-up ventures, (Keshet & Windfield) both in the technology and content space. I also served as the CEO of Alpine Canada, one of the largest winter sport Olympic and Paralympic Federations.  In short, I have lived through all of the opportunities and challenges that come  in building successful businesses : strategy, sales, talent recruitment, marketing and brand, technology, customer engagement, culture, etc.  

Now I am on a different mission.   I  am focused on helping People achieve greater success in business and life.  Entrepreneurs, Executives, Artists, Athletes and others, who aspire to unleash their talent  on the world - to achieve their goals in health, wealth and service.    I believe that "Purpose" can be  a powerful tool that  unlocks unrealized potential for every person and every organization.  

I seek out projects, businesses and opportunities that have, at their core, a desire to change the world : one person at a time.  I am an Executive Producer on several television projects that tell stories of inspiration about people and movements that contribute to positive social impact.  I consult with executives and businesses to help drive greater creative and business success.  


Being of Service

Part of my Purpose is of being of service. My work in the charitable and "not for profit" sector includes Executive, Board and/or supporter roles with Alpine Canada, Amnesty International, Charity : Water, Canadian Paralympic Committee, Pencils of Promise and The Ocean Conservancy.

I live in Toronto, Canada and together with my wife Joanne, are raising "Elsie" - arguably the world's most beautiful Norwich Terrier.